Cottanera Etna Barbazzale Rosso 2016


Cottanera Etna Barbazzale Rosso 2016: “Our wines are the offspring of a mountain and wild environment and inherit their explosive minerality from the volcano. Working in the vineyard and in the cellar makes them refined and elegant, of great balance.”

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The discerning characteristic of volcanic terroir and the wines it produces lies on the palate. A perceptible, laser like, linear texture that transcends grape variety and region. A palpable austerity and minerality that translates to smoky, ashy, dusty, chalky textures that no other soil is capable of producing.

“It’s a sort of weightless gravity, intense, heavy as a feather, firm but transparent, like an impenetrable,
invisible force shield of flavor that comes out of nowhere but doesn’t impose itself, it’s just there and you have to
work your tongue around it. It can be gritty, salty, hard, maybe even unpleasant to some, but unmistakable."
—John Szabo, MS - Volcanic Wines