Exem Bordeaux Blanc 2014


EXEM [ig-zem] abbreviation of “exemplaire.” Middle French.

adjective: 1) Deserving imitation; commendable. 2) Serving as an example; illustrative. 3) To set a precedent; excellent.

Exem Bordeaux Blanc is produced in Lestiac-sur-Garonne, little village 15km South East from Bordeaux, by the Gonfrier family. Their vineyards are located in the “Entre-Deux-Mers”, especially in the premières Cotes de Bordeaux. The famous appellation is centered on the ancient city of Bordeaux. The success of Bordeaux as a winegrowing region is closely related to its particular conditions. The climate is well moderated by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the presence of various rivers; the name Bordeaux derives from the French expression “au bord de l’eau” (along the water).

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The Exem Bordeaux White has aromas of citrus, grapefruit, gooseberry and lime, along with honey, passion fruit and honeysuckle floral notes.

Expect flavors of baked apples and pears similar to crème brûlée, orange zest, and figs.

Due to its fresh, citrus profile, along with sweet fruits, spice and mineral characteristics, most seafood dishes make perfect pairings. Chicken, veal, pork, sushi, crudo and semi, spicy dishes are great matches for white Bordeaux wine.


Wine Spectator: 86 points (2015 vintage)

Wine Enthusiast: 86 points (2014 vintage) Link


About the winery: 

Exem vineyards make minimal use of herbicide and pesticides and use only recommended products less harmful for the environment. Grass is grown in between the rows to avoid herbicides. This cover crop also helps control the vines’ vigor leading to a better ripening of the grapes as well as leads to less erosion of the soil in case of heavy rain. The pest population (mites and insects) is counted, and spray is only used above a certain level of risk.  Exem vineyards maintain the natural environment around the vineyards in an efforts to allow greater biodiversity from plants and microorganisms to insects and birds.