Parparoussis The Gift of Dionysos Sideritis 2017


Parparoussis The Gift of Dionysos Sideritis 2017: A gift from the God of wine! This unusual wine is made from the Sideritis grape (Sideritis derives its name from the Greek word sidero, meaning “iron”, a reference perhaps to the mineral qualities of the wine.), which is a native of the north west Peloponnese. This is a very rare 100% Sideritis, a thick pink skinned, late-ripening variety grown on 25-year-old vines, on calcareous soils in Movri Achaias with medium size stones and trace metals. The climate is mild and influenced by sea breezes and cool mountain air. Fermentation is done at low temperatures and the wine is aged “sur lie”.

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Spring vegetables and citrus on the nose.

This is a very unique white wine but it can most easily be described on the palate as minerality with chamomile and pink grapefruit.

Wines made from Sideritis grape can be enjoyed with baked tomatoes. The wine has a high acidic content due to which it can be taken with salted dishes.

People enjoy this wine with slated vegetables and peanuts. You can also consume it with sushi. The taste of wine is complemented by fried or baked cheese.


The winery: A family owned winery that highlights Mr. Parparoussis and his daughters Erifili and Dimitra, producing organic world class wines from indigenous varietals. The winery proudly takes risks making exceptional quality wines from little known grape varietals that are otherwise rarely used in Greece. Parparoussis is believed to be the only winery creating 100% Sideritis and possibly the only one using it also in blends, highlighting the rareness of the grape.

Parparoussis The Gift of Dionysos 2016
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