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Rhous Estate Red 2016Rhous Estate Red 2016

Rhous Estate Red 2016: A mix of olive and pepper aromas bond with characters such as cherries and cassis. The presence of the barrel is evident with notes of vanilla and toasted bread. On the palate, the tannins are well balanced with the alcohol and the acidity, and the result is a well-structured wine. The aftertaste has a fruity return.

The family owned and operated Rhous Tamiolakis winery is located in the village of Houdetsi, 25 km south of Heraklion and belongs to the viticultural zone of Peza. Rhous is the ancient Greek word for “flow”, the continuous progression of things. The family is committed to the production of wines using indigenous varieties that truly showcase the Cretan Vineyard. This forward thinking and creative approach has resulted in the rescue of many indigenous grapes on the verge of extinction, specifically Vidiano and Moschato Spinas. Today, these varieties are producing exceptional wines and gaining recognition throughout Greece; they are considered by many as the future ambassadors of Cretan wines.